Friday, August 7, 2009

Relationships: Making changes in how you relate

Relationships: Making changes in how you relate

By Amy Price PhD

Above is a blog link to an excellent way to see relationships and make changes. Often the best ideas are the simple ones which lay out the facts so we are free to make changes in life. The link above shows you how...try it! Sometimes no matter how much you care or grieve there is no power in your hand to make changes, ultimately the only person you have power to change is yourself. Changes in others can only be decided by them. In the end the only possible response after we have done all we know to do is silence and time. Love and kindness are not always reciprocal and justifying or proving our case when wronged can become a waste of time when those choosing not to believe in us or see our side just do not care or believe a lie.

Friends can say you are casting your pearls before swine, they are not worth it or some day they will pay. In those days be a friend to yourself, never pretend it doesn't matter but discipline the amount of time you think about it. Hint: If you are trying to fix it in your heart and mind 24 hours a day 23.5 hours could be a starting place. Remember all things pass, when I look back to people who hurt me 20 years ago I can no longer remember the feeling, how they smelled or what they said yet people who have done small kindnesses I have remembered for ever. So consider each day is one step closer to healing and be kind to yourself so you in turn can be kind to others...Remember happy people live 19% longer and each day you can choose joy or sadness...choose joy


Joanne Milne said...

I like your synopsis and have forwarded it to a client as I think it summarises very well what we have been discussing lately. I am glad that you find the exercise from my blog useful. It does give a wider perspective to anyone taking too much responsibility for things not working out, particularly at a time when this can be very difficult to do.

Dr Amy said...

I agree, perspective is huge in stressful times. Many of us were 'conditioned' to take responsibility at an early age for short term emotional rewards and long term exhaustion!