Sunday, February 3, 2008

Where are we now?

Rate yourself by attaching % to each of these categories of life family, society, career, health, personal growth. Make a circular chart…imbalance in any of these areas is like a flat tire. It takes away energy, productivity, slows down the ride and wears out the equipment. What can you do to improve the ride you take through life?

Small things make a big difference…4 hugs a day improves marriage communication. Making eye contact helps people feel valued. Catch people doing something right and express your appreciation. Exercise graciousness by doing one random act of kindness every day…even the small things add up and make a difference. Do you really know what is important to those who are close to you? How much have you helped them to realize their dreams?

Often we are nice to those from whom we are trying to win approval and we set aside those who value us. There are some people who will never be pleased or impressed with you. It is good to consider when to cut your losses and move on. Go where you are celebrated rather than tolerated.