Monday, July 27, 2009

Words Matter: Build With Care

Image from Verve Communications
By Amy Price PhD

The definition for word in the Greek language comes from the same root as lego or to build. Words are blocks that build for you or against you. Your conversation is your vision speaking. To see where you are on the journey of life stop to listen to the words you are saying. Are they building or destroying the dream in your heart.

Sometimes we speak negatively when people have hurt us as when we are hurling insults it distracts us from the pain we feel. It is better to stop and hurt, feel the impact and your mind will work to bring you a solution to solve the crisis. Pretending you don’t care just prolongs the agony and does not fix the problem.

People will multiply or divide you. Their motivations can be determined by the words they speak not only to you but also to others.

It takes seven positive communications to undo the effect of one negative communication. Your words are weapons for growth or destruction. Choose Growth!

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